Colleague Testimonials

Find out what our colleagues have to say about their roles here at Ajax.

Colleague testimonials are a great way to help career seekers learn about Ajax and the people who work here.  We encourage you to read through these testimonials.  Then, please give us a call if you’d like to follow up by phone.  Our HR staff is ready to work with you to help you find a great career opportunity at Ajax.

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Ajax Colleague Jake Jensen

Jake Jensen – Colleague Testimonial

Position Description

My current position at Ajax is 1st shift Production Lead. I do not run any machines aside from when my colleagues and I am solving an issue.

My role here is to make sure that all of my colleagues in Production have the right knowledge and necessary resources to have a hassle-free workday. I coordinate the job distribution in the beginning of the day – where each person will go and what jobs/machines they’ll be running. Then once they’re there, I follow up on a regular basis with each person to ensure that they have everything needed to have a safe and productive workday. This includes signing off on tool setups, finding out what jobs are next on the agenda for each machine, and helping troubleshoot any tooling issues.

Parts Produced

I work with account managers and programmers to resolve issues with parts that do not meet our customer’s specifications.

Education and Training

In the summer of 2015, I attended the M-Power course with 3 of my colleagues. This was the first formal out of work training that I had attended. It was a great introductory course to really understand all of the basics of everything I was doing.

-From Spring 2016 to Winter 2017 I completed online courses for my apprenticeship program alongside some of my colleagues.

-I became the 1st shift Lead in March of 2019 and quickly began attending seminars and 1-day courses to ensure that I was knowledgeable enough to take care of whatever situation may arise.

-In July of 2019, I completed an 8 class management course at Manufactures Alliance to receive my management certification.

Why Ajax

Before Ajax, I was working temporary jobs to just make ends meet. I hadn’t quite found a job yet that I could build a career in. My father is good friends and former colleagues with the HR director at the time, Curt Jasper. He had recently run into him at an event and asked Curt what Ajax was all about. My father directed me to Ajax through Curt and I had toured the place not but a week later. They both knew that I was looking for a place to start a career at, and Ajax seemed like a great place to begin that journey.

I started from the bottom at a 2nd shift entry-level position, ready to learn anything and everything that i could. 5 years later, I’m in a very good position here all through hard work and consistency.


The three pieces of advice that I would give to any person who is considering a career in metal forming would be;

  1. Anything that you do, make sure you do it to the best of your ability and in a timely manner. The image that you create of yourself is largely dependent on how you convey these two things. Give your best effort and always be on time.
  2. Start working at a CAREER as soon as possible. Don’t just look for a job that pays the bills, look for a career that you can move up in that genuinely interests you.
  3. Take any opportunities to learn, especially schooling, that you can. Even if it doesn’t directly benefit you, take courses and classes to further your education. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position at Ajax where schooling and classes are always available. Take any opportunities that you can!
Ajax Colleague Tiffany Schlueter

Tiffany Schlueter – Colleague Testimonial

Position Description

I’m the go-to person who knows the automated spot welder from front to back. I’m the main welder in the shop. I’ve run the drill, punch and sometimes brake presses, large saws, and CNC Haas Mill.

Parts Produced

I weld and spotweld thousands of parts for refrigeration units. I’ve welded numerous items around the shop; many tables, scrap bins, and a large scrap rack. I weld hardware onto parts we make for heating and cooling systems.

Also boxes for fire extinguishers that go inside walls. Rod latches that close and open doors on various parts.

Education and Training

I graduated from the apprenticeship program completing 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and 300 hours outside schooling at colleges and online courses. I am now a class A journey worker.
Some of the classes: M-powered program, many hours of online classes, Manufactures Alliance seminars.

I’ve also spoken at an Apprenticeship Summit about my experience in a metal forming career.

Why Ajax

I didn’t need experience and they are willing to train. Ajax will pay for your schooling, making it easy to earn while learn!

Proud to say I’m the only grandkid to follow in my Grandpa’s footsteps. He built machines like the ones I operate. It’s a set schedule and most of all, it’s not retail.


You can earn while you learn! You’re able to show your friends and family parts that you make out in the real world. It’s fun yet challenging. Try it! Your schooling is paid for and no experience is needed.